There’s No Shooting in Kyiv


Jakub Šedý


Jakub Šedý

Martin Ocknecht


Radim Vaňous


Tereza Vágnerová


Pavel Vrtěl


Jan Macola


Mimesis Film

Kiev, Ukraine. Many social organizations suffer from a lack of money. Social system is often substituted by Church, paid professionals are replaced by volunteers. Faith helps people more than social programs. That’s why we are focused on stories of people in difficult situations: drug addict who first came to believe in God in the Christian center; the refugees from Doneck who are aided by nun; a former drug addict who tries to take his life into his own hands. Do these people have possibility of free choice? How far is Ukrainian reality from the European?

’I’m trying to live in a normal way for my family’, said one of the protagonists of the documentary about everyday life in Kiev, a city where echoes of the war were still felt at that time. They had no idea what the future would bring.


Krakow Film Festival

Jakub Šedý

Studied Directing and Scriptwriting at Thomas Bata University in Zlin. He also studied Philosophy at Charles University in Prague. He graduated with the film adaptation of Wernisch's poems (“With the shotgun undercoat”). In 2014 he made documentary about growing up of child in lesbian family (“The Freaks”). “There's no shooting in Kyiv” is his long-term project - he has worked on the film since 2017.