Tomáš Hubáček


Tomáš Hubáček


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Human swarm running through the land. Thirteen performers in a drop-shaped formation create a single organism, controlled by a collective intelligence or intuition. It spills over the land of geometric patterns, terrain waves, divides and re-connects. It stops at the horizon to rest and then runs on. The contrast between a lively movement and the still geometry of the land.

The hunter enters the magic moment. He walks across the field, climbs up on the seat, loads the shotgun. The unsuspecting flock continues its light-footed, aimless journey.

The Fibonacci project is an exploration of natural patterns: static – in the agricultural landscape, and dynamic – in the movement of the flock. The short dance film consists of overlaps into fine art, landscape architecture and animated graphics.

The cast consists of a selection of the young generation of the Czechoslovak dance scene, many of them graduates of the JAMU Physical Theatre Studio.


Cottbus Film Festival

Dance Film Festival Prague

Desenzano Film Festival

Fajr International Film Festival

Festival de Videodanza de Palma

Festival International du cinéma d'auteur de rabat

FLOW Dance on Screen

FuoriFormato - Festival Internazionale di danza contemporanea e videodanza

International Short Film Festival BRNO16

Ischia Film Festival

Kurzsuechtig Short Film Festival

Le Petit Festival - Hanko

Mexico City Videodance Festival

MUNI Film Festival

PÖFF Shorts

Rhode Island International Film Festival

San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Short Waves Festival

Zürich Tanzt


Dance Film Festival Prague: Special Mention

Festival International du cinéma d'auteur de rabat: Best Experimental Film

FuoriFormato - Festival Internazionale di danza contemporanea e videodanza: Best Choreography Award

Ischia Film Festival: Young Jury Award

Mexico City Videodance Festival: Best Cinematography Award

Rhode Island International Film Festival: The Best Experimental Film

Short Waves Festival: Dances With Camera Award

Tomáš Hubáček

Tomáš Hubáček (1981, Zlín) is a Czech writer, director, musician and lecturer. He studied film directing and musicology. He has directed music videos, two documentary films and several shorts including award-winning Fibonacci. He is currently preparing his first feature Wirbel.