feature documentary, 75 min. | release: autumn 2018 | director: Tomáš Etzler


China, which was 30 years ago percieved as populous and in many ways underdeveloped country, is today one of the most important participants in international politics, economics and media debates. All new cities and industries have grown in the country. Simultaneously, the role of the individual, family and social values has fundamentally transformed. Tomas Etzler, who has more than a ten years of experience as a CNN, ČT and many others international companies associate and therefore knows China as hardly anybody. Thanks to his contacts, he is able to get places that are normally inaccessible to Europeans. In the documentary „Heaven,“ he will present the reverse side of Chinese progress. It shows how Chinese society faces its most vulnerable: physically or mentally handicapped children that their parents could not or did not want to take care of.