Tomáš Hubáček


Tomáš Hubáček

Lenka Wimmerová


Alan Soural


Jan Macola


Mimesis Film

It’s the end of summer in a remote border town.This is where the burnt-out Martin finds himself when he unexpectedly inherits a dilapidated house in the countryside. Martin wants to give up his troubled inheritance, but his plans are disrupted by a strange encounter with the mysterious Agnes, whom Martin rescues when she is “swept away” by a flock of sparrows in a nearby field. The girl becomes an uninvited guest in Martin’s house and he can’t cope with her. It is only her disappearance and the signs of danger that make him open his eyes. This is how he discovers that his house is part of a forgotten landscape composition, built in this region over centuries. With the help of a strange old map found in the house, he sets out, tentatively at first and then with growing determination, on the trail of an ancient secret that will hopefully lead him to the mysterious Agnes.
Soon it turns out that the old secret is connected to something very contemporary: the local fields stop producing, the earth trembles and after one of the tremors the water from the wells disappears. Martin realises that Agnes is fatefully linked to the land and with the natural disaster looming, she is in danger of losing her life. The only way to save her is to rediscover the memory of the landscape, lost in the post-war displacement of the population and erased by agricultural collectivisation. It is a hope not only for Agnes and the landscape, but also for Martin himself, who finds his missing roots here.

Tomáš Hubáček

Tomáš Hubáček (1981, Zlín) is a Czech writer, director, musician and lecturer. He studied film directing and musicology. He has directed music videos, two documentary films and several shorts including award-winning Fibonacci. He is currently preparing his first feature Wirbel.