Into the North


Natasha Dudinski


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Natasha Dudinski


Natasha Dudinski


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A group of Czech Jewish teenagers sets out on a journey to the North. Without their parents to look after them, they must rely on each other. That’s how their great adventure starts. They spend four years in Denmark, an oasis in the midst of raging WWII. More than seventy years later, they are ready to tell their story, a coming-of-age refugee story with a happy end, courtesy of thousands of openhearted Danes.

It is a story of growing-up in a foreign country that had not been afraid to open doors to refugees. A story about losing home and relatives; about becoming accustomed with a new culture. It is a story about salvation. Those days it was not governments who helped refugees (save for minor exceptions) but mostly individuals – it resembles today’s situation. Thanks to the individuals, stories of refugees could have ended happily.” – Natasha Dudinski


One World International Film Festival
Jewish Culture Festival

natasha dudinski

Nataša Dudinski - director, camerawoman and editor. She grew up in Czechoslovakia and has lived in Jerusalem since 1994. She studied translation and interpreting at Charles University in Prague, international relations at Columbia University in New York and film at the Sam Spiegel Film and TV School in Jerusalem. She produced her first film Vukovar - a City or a Past? in 1993 and has been working mainly in documentary film since then. Her films and films she has participated in have been broadcast on Israeli TV, Czech TV, American PBS, ZDF/ARTE and have been awarded at international film festivals.