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Mimesis Film is a feature and documentary film production and distribution company based in Prague, Czech Republic. We develop and produce strong author driven films with international appeal. We focus on international co-productions, both as a majority and minority partner.

Mimesis Film was founded in April 2012 by Jan Macola, who had been working for Barrandov Studios since 2006 as Head of Co-Productions and Development and Head of Marketing. His producing debut The Way Out (Cesta ven), written and directed by Petr Vaclav, premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2014 within the ACID selection and got seven Czech Film and Television Academy Awards, including the best picture category dedicated to producers.

Since 2014, Mimesis film operates its own distribution arm, focused primarily on the distribution of its own films. The departement is also in charge of the art-house cinema Kino Pilotů (opening fall 2015).


The Way Out (Cesta ven)”
drama, 102 min., release: 5/2014
Director and Script: Petr Vaclav

Set in North Bohemia., Zaneta aspires to an impossible future for a modern Roma woman: to live an ordinary life. With no means and no education, she is struggling against a hostile society, and in spite of it all, trying to preserve both her love and her dignity.

Festivals: Cannes 2014 - Programmation ACID,
Karlovy Vary IFF, Art Film Fest - Best Film, Best Actress,
Hamburg, BFI London Film Festival)
Czech Film and Television Academy Awards - Czech Lion - Best Film, Best Actress in Leading Role, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Sound, Best Cinematography
Czech Film Critic Awards . Best Film, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Director
Producers: Jan Macola, Milos Lochman – Moloko Film
Co-producer: Tom Dercourt, Sophie Erbs – Cinema Defacto
International Sales: Premium Film

"Confession of the Vanished"
feature documentary, 80 min., premiere date 2/4/2015
Director: Petr Vaclav
Director of Photography: Miroslav Janek and Petr Vaclav

The film follows the staging process of the opera Olimpiade while at the same time exploring the dramatic life of its composer Josef Mysliveček, a friend and teacher of W. A. Mozart.


“We Are Never Alone”
drama, 10c0 min., release: 11/2015
Director and Script: Petr Vaclav

Soused, a prison guard, moves into a village. His neighbours across the street are a jobless hypochondriac and his wife, Jana, a saleswoman in a local minimarket. One day Milan, a hustler involved with prostitution stops at the minimarket to buy cigarettes. It turns out to be a life changing event for Soused and his neighbours...

“Into the North”
feature documentary, 80 min. release: 10/2015
Director: Natasha Dudinski
Theme: Judita Matyášová

In 1939, a group of Jewish teenagers has to leave for Denmark in order to escape from the Nazi-impacted fate of their parents, relatives and friends. They spend 4 years together in a unique oasis, which enables them to start their new lives.

"A Normal Autistic Film"
feature documentary, 80 min. release: summer 2016
Director: Miroslav Janek

What is it to be normal? Instead of looking at autism as a diagnosis, the film shows it as a magic and mysterious way of thinking. The film perceives autistic people as those who may bring us "neurotypical ones" some message.


“Il Boemo”
drama, expected shooting date: 2016
Director and Script: Petr Vaclav

Inspired by the work on the documentary " Confession of the Vanished ", this feature film will tell the life story of Josef Myslivecek, friend a teacher of Mozart. Myslivecek was known as “Il Boemo”. He was a composer who sacrified everything to be free, loved and famous. Yet he died alone, sick and forgotten. The son of a Prague miller, who expected him to follow in his footsteps, Josef as a young man flees to Venice as a young man to fulfil his dream of becoming a composer. Against all odds he manages, and his success surpasses even his own expectations. During the 1770s he is at his most prolific, composing numerous works in the Italian "opera seria" style.