Markéta chce taštičku

Markéta was supposed to be one of the main characters in the documentary “Normální autistický film” but the footage with her did not fit among the others. And that is why the director has decided to make a separate feature documentary just with Markéta.


Heaven is a story of a catholic orphanage in Chinese countryside combined with a testimony of a Beijing based journalist Tomas Etzler. The raw reality encountered daily by foreign correspondents in China sharply contrasts with a microcosm of love, selflessness and empathy Tomas discovered in the home for handicapped children. With working conditions for filmmakers deteriorating rapidly in China, Heaven provides an authentic, unique, and very hard to obtain glimpse into 21st century China.

There’s no shooting in Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine. Many social organizations suffer from a lack of money. Social system is often substituted by Church, paid professionals are replaced by volunteers. Faith helps people more than social programs. That’s why we are focused on stories of people in difficult situations: drug addict who first came to believe in God in the Christian center; the refugees from Doneck who are aided by nun; a former drug addict who tries to take his life into his own hands. Do these people have possibility of free choice? How far is Ukrainian reality from the European?

Inside Mosul

Film captures eight months of a war in Mosul against IS. The author is a woman that spent the time in the front rows therefore it gives unique view on the war. It captures an individual life stories of soldiers and civilians more than the war alone.

The Way Out

North Bohemia. Zaneta aspires to an impossible future for a modern Roma woman: to live an ordinary life. With no means and no education, she is struggling against a hostile society, and in spite of it all, trying to preserve both her love and her dignity.

Normal Autistic Film

What is it to be normal? Instead of looking at autism as a diagnosis, the film hows it as a magic and mysterious way of thinking.


Skokan, 28 years-old man, finished his stay in prison. He is given the clothes in which he was arrested few years earlier. Nobody expects him. In the city where he lands, he has nowhere to go. Overnight, he decides to leave everything in order to launch his star career, and heads for the Cannes Film Festival.

Confession of the Vanished

The film follows the staging of the opera Olimpiade while at the same time exploring the dramatic life of its composer Josef Mysliveček, a friend and teacher of W. A. Mozart.

Into the North

In 1939, a group of Jewish teenagers has to leave for Denmark in order to escape from the fate of their parents, relatives and friends. They spend 4 years together in a unique oasis, which enables them to start their new lives.

We Are Never Alone

Soused, a prison guard, moves into a village. His neighbours across the street are a jobless hypochondriac. His wife Jana works as a saleswoman in a local minimarket. One day Milan, a hustler involved with prostitution stops at the minimarket to buy cigarettes. It turns out to be a life changing event for Soused and his neighbours.